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Dismissal Procedures 2023-2024

2023-2024 Dismissal Form
Car Line Pick-up
- Caretakers will enter through the Upper Parking Lot; pick-up is located along the curb between the “5 Minute Parking Spaces” and pedestrian crosswalk; Caretakers continue through to the lower parking lot to exit (please display on your dashboard the Family Car Sign provided).  

Kindergartners MUST be able to fasten their own car seat buckle to be picked up in the Car Line. 

In-Person Outside Pick-up - If your child(ren) requires assistance getting into the car and/or buckling their seat belt and/or you want to pick up in-person, then caretakers must park their cars and meet their students at the cluster of trees next to the Car Line.

Students CAN NOT walk on their own to cars in the parking lot.

Walker/Bicycler - Students dismissed as Walkers or Bicyclers exit the building through the main door and leave the school grounds.

Only students in grades 1st-6th are allowed to be dismissed as Walker/Bicycler.

Pick-up During School Hours - If caretakers need to pick up children during the school day the office needs to be informed at the beginning of the school day indicating the time of pick-up. Caretakers must park their car and walk to the Main Front Door and buzz the office; the office will then call for the student to come to the lobby to be dismissed to you – your child will not be waiting for you.  If the office is unfamiliar with the person picking up, they will ask for photo ID.
**Daily dismissal changes must be made by submitting a “Dismissal Form” and/or by sending an email to [email protected]  NO LATER THAN 9:00am for  the day of the dismissal change, otherwise students will be dismissed based on the their usual dismissal procedure.

Bus Passing - Bus pass requests must be submitted via the Transportation website before 12:30pm the school day before the day that the bus pass is requested for. Bus pass requests must be filled out completely and correctly to be eligible to be approved; the AB Transportation office has the right to deny any bus pass request. AB Transportation will notify families when bus passing begins for the 2023-2024 school year.

Only students in grades 2nd-6th can bus pass.


  • tell your child you might pick them up at the last minute because you might be nearby.
  • pick your child up early for appointments without a Dismissal Form.
  • call the office between 3:00-3:20pm to change your child’s dismissal plan unless it is an emergency.

We appreciate your cooperation to help us ensure the safe dismissal of all students attending Merriam.

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