Sherlock Questions

This is our second sherlock questions newspaper article Before we answer any questions. We have a special announcement: Audrey from Tasha's class is donating gerbils if you are interested in adopting one please contact Audrey at

Another announcement is: If you see a "Diary of a Wimpy, Kid the Long haul" book please notify the library. Thank you in advance

Two funny jokes can include :

-What has four wheels and flies- A garbage truck and

-Why do bees have sticky hair- does the use honeycomb

What is infinity to the power of pie:

Steven from Tasha’s class answered that question :

First of all, infinity is not a number, it is a limit. Also, pi is an irrational number so doing infinity to the power of pi would make no sense. So this problem just makes no sense.

What is 10 to the power of 10 times 2 (1010x2)


What do you wear to the beach: You would wear a bathing suit if you would like to swim.

Week One of Sherlock’s Questions

Note: We can not answer personal questions and please make all questions serious.Thanks in advance

Dear Merriam School, here are the answers from Sherlock questions. If you have questions from things like math or book suggestions to tips on studying we are here. Just put a question in an orange envelope on the wall around the school and if we can we'll get back to you. Here are some the questions we've had received.

One of the questions you asked was: Will there be a war in the future? After discussing this, we’ve decided that sadly, there may be a war in the future. There are actually wars going on right now. There is a Syrian civil war right now. We are not sure if there will be a war in the United States.

Another question you asked was: When did the Bismarck sink? The Bismarck sank On May 27, 1941 For the ship to sink it took about 4 hours. We also learned from your questions that an ATAT from Star Wars is 22.5 meters tall.Piglet

You also asked: What does a teacup pig mainly eat? A teacup pig mainly eats veggies, special pig food, and minimal fruit. If you are thinking of getting a teacup pig, here is a site you can check out to learn how to take care of teacup pigs:

You also asked, how many teeth does a pig have? They have 44 teeth when they are 3 months old they have a full set of milk teeth.why pigs have that 44 teeth is probably mostly for eating.

Dear anonymous we have some book recommendations for you here they are:

-Land of stories, An exciting fantasy bookstack of books

-Bliss, Another Fantastic fantasy book about magic recipes

-Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales a realistic and fun way to learn about the past and close to now (what happened in the vietnam war)

-Wings of Fire is a great series about dragons, three queens, and a prophecy.

Well Dear Anonymous to choose a hairstyle I suggest finding a main idea that combines your idea of a good hairstyle and something your parents are okay with. Make a list of possible ideas and then choose from there.

Ideas in include:

-A bob

-A partial or full braid

-A partial or full ponytail

-A partial or full bun

HairPurple hair

-Another idea is to dye parts or all of your hair as well as one of the creators

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