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-Peach was a Plum (Part One: Mystery Story)

By Freya

There was a kid. A kid that spent their day eating. Things like plums, peaches, pineapples, and other fruits that start with the letter, ‘P’. They vowed to never eat anything that did NOT start with the letter ‘P’. Especially the dreaded ‘M’ (Muffins, Mushrooms, Maple syrup). That kid was me. Yes, me, that kid you always saw carrying that big backpack full of who-knows-what. I brought it everywhere. One hand held a peach, the other a pear. I was different. Not bad. Just different. I didn’t play four-square like everyone did. I didn’t read Harry Potter or play an instrument like everyone did. I didn’t buy Nike sneakers just to fit in. I was me. And now I can finally show you me. Me. The cold truth. What was. What was in my bag.

The Yankees Cap (part one)

By Emilie Rosecan

A dark figure wearing a Yankees hat stepped into the computer room, looked both ways, sat down. Started typing.

One day later

“Okay you all know your usernames and passwords? Good. Remember this is due next Friday.”

Aisha straightened her Yankees cap, flexed her fingers, and opened a new file labeled Persuasive Essay.

Across the room Heidi shivered in her old Yankees sweatshirt. It was worn and torn and she needed a new one. It had so many holes in it that she probably should have thrown it out, but it matched her favorite hat so she had decided to keep it despite her better judgement.

Umi sat at his computer and sulked. He had never wanted to use a computer to write his essay. He liked the blank fresh look of the paper and the reassuring grip of the pencil in his hand. He liked being able to erase and scratch things out and write scrambled letters in the margins. Mr. Morris had tried to tell Umi that you could do the same thing on a piece of paper that you could do on a computer. But Umi had just shrugged off those words.

When Marco hit send on his computer, four words appeared on the screen: Sent to Pig Face.

A scream ran out through the room, bounced off the walls and echoed back to Marco. Mr. Morris rushed over, his glasses sliding off his face.

“What, what is it?! Why did you scream?”

Marco pointed a trembling finger at the screen. Mr. Morris sat down and smoothed his crumpled jacket.

“Either I unknowingly changed my name to Pig Face or someone hacked into the system. Probably the latter one,” he muttered.

Then he stood up and addressed the class,

“Someone has hacked the system, I will have to talk to the principal about this,”

To be continued…..


By Lyra Saucier

Savanah, being the gazelle she is, bucked up at the of grass moving around, and immediately ran with the herd behind. The lioness jumped up and chased her ignoring me and my twin sister, Estelle. The reason we did not run with her, was Estelle was sleeping and we would not want to leave her alone. So when she did wake we ran off in the other direction we could not stay because this spot is a new abode for the lionesses family. Why we did not go the way savanah did was the lioness might be coming back that way, and unlike other species, we were not tracker animals.

“Castiel we have gone far enough the lioness will not find us” estelle complained. I looked up and saw the fireweed trees. “We can not stop here the fireweed trees are ahead, that’s a dangerous spot to be and the lioness and lions grounds are here but they are afraid of the fireweed trees, the thing is we are too.” I said she looked at me and replied “so what do you mean by that” her voice was very scared. “What I’m saying is we are going right through them.”

We walked through the fireweed trees and made it to the end of the forest, and ahead we saw a herd of gazelles like us.

The end


By Lyra Saucier

*Slash* some lotus petals fell from Lola, the evil lotus flower girl. “Siel, let’s hit the star stream” Cosmic Callie called out. We brought our hands together as we started to fly, our long hair flowing out. Right above our hands a ringed white planet formed you could see on the ring multiple suns were orbiting. We turned to Lola as the planet whisked away heading right at her. She screamed but that soon faded and you could hear an explosion, from impact. The bright white evanescente. And of the debri stood a pink lotus.

The end.

Part One:

Meet Denise

Denise skipped along the narrow path leading to her school. It was the first page in a new chapter of her life, and she was ready for it. Today was the first day of school.

“Hey, Denise.” Her best friend Jordan, was coming up to the path. “Hi Jordan!” Denise cried. The two friends talked as they walked, and from all the things Denise had to catch Jordan up on, you would think they hadn’t seen each other in a hundred years, instead of three days. “And then…” Denise started to say, but stopped in her tracks. School.

Denise wasn’t the smartest, she wasn’t sporty, or anything else. But she had always liked to draw, and the first day of school was like a clean, new piece of paper, ready to tell a story.

Dreamland part 1

By Lyra Saucier

The bell rung finally, letting us out of the wonderful place called school. All of that was true except the part when I said “wonderful”. What I meant was “the worst possible place EVER!” The only thing good about school is the free uniforms and friends. So you can imagine my pain right after summer, a monday morning. Luckily it was the end of the school year, and I was the first one out. As I was running there was a drop and I ran right into it.

To be continued...

Peach was a Plum, PART 2

By Freya

10:37 AM

“Where’s my Bag?” I said as I look up to my teacher.

“What? You mean, you lost your bag? You bring it everyday!”. She tried to dodge the question, I knew it.

“Yes, MY BAG. May I please have it back?”

“What? Oh, I have no clue where it is… check lost and found perhaps!”

I take her advice… carefully. I go to the lost and found and to NO ONE’s surprise, no bag. Whoever has the bag cannot see inside. I begin to worry. I stress eat some plums before heading back to the classroom. The walk is very short between rooms.

“Wha-” I started. But I quickly stopped when I saw a mysterious man inside the classroom discussing something with my teacher. I step back, back against the wall, when suddenly he walks out. He doesn’t see me, but I see him.

I knew she was lying. But I did not care one bit. If I knew my own bag as well as I thought I did, it would find me before I found it.

Dreamland part 2

By Lyra Saucier

“Aaaaaaah” it felt like gravity was flipped and I was flying in the air before. The gravity flip gave out and I started falling as far as one 7th grade student could fall. Suddenly everything was white. “Welcome to Dreamland, Adele We are super happy to have you” a robotic voice said. “What is this place. Why am I here!” I screamed my mascara was luckily waterproof so my tears didn’t affect it. “You are here because”...

To be continued…

The Yankees Cap (Part two)

By Emilie Rosecan

One day later

Mr. Morris’s class sat crowded on a tiny rug in a huge classroom (the new rug hadn’t come yet.) They were nervous, no denying it. Nail biting nervous, but not sweaty nervous, not a weight is pressing down so hard on my stomach it’s going to explode nervous. Mr. Morris was talking to the principal about the hacking and the class knew something that Mr. Morris and the principal didn't know.

They knew who had done the hacking. Well it least they knew it was someone in their class. A note had been passed around the classroom: Tomorrow the computers are going to be hacked. It was a mistake, a blunder. Only two people were to see the note. It was then to be chewed up and swallowed. Obviously that didn’t work, no one wants to swallow paper. Not even in dire situations.

So the note was recycled. Correction: It had been put in the recycling box. Somehow it had mad

e its way out and circulated the classroom.

The door opened, two people stepped in…

Denise is excited.

As Denise entered the school she said goodbye to Jordan and walked up the staircase. Jordan might have said something, but whatever it was was lost in the excitement going on in Denise’s head. Jordan sighed, and walked up the staircase as well. Jordan was used to Denise when she was excited, and knew whatever you said, Denise wouldn’t hear. Jordan turned around and walked down the hallway.

Denise didn’t know where her new classroom was, and had gotten pretty lost. When she finally got to her classroom, she was surprised to see Jordan. “What the….?” Denise asked. “Denise, we’re in the same class” Jordan said. Denise laughed “Ok, next time I’ll pay more attention to you”. Jordan laughed to, because she knew Denise wouldn’t be able to keep that promise. Their teacher stepped up to the board and told everyone to settle down. The first day of school was started.

Typed up Tales

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Peach was a Plum, PART 3

By Freya

11:54 AM

I casually walk outside. I don’t wanna seem too suspicious, but at the same time I don’t wanna be seen at the children's playground with a bunch of babies (No offense. I am not being rude, they are literally 1 year olds). We share a school with the daycare. They own half, we own the other.

My plan is simple.

In, and out.

I step into the daycare. No one is inside. Perfect.

I advance into the nap room.

Tip-toe-ing is hard. I am tripping over a bunch of lego’s and toys. It hurts. Like, really bad. I am about to reach the closet when an alarm goes off.

Shoot…. What do I do? One of my bunk mates must have speard word I went missing. I run as fast as I can out of the nap room al the way out to the front playground again. It is really bright outside. I see red flashing lights. It’s worse than I thought.

Dreamland part 3

By lyra saucier

“You are here because You are an angel faerie and all faeries get sent here and leave land eranth” The Robotic voice said. “I’m not from land eranth I’M FROM PLANET EARTH! HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?” I cried out. “I am isla you're personable female perfect robot.” I suddenly felt a pain on my back just below my shoulders.

To be continued...

The Yankees Cap (Part three)

By Emilie Rosecan

The principal blinked. He blinked again. Mr. Morris sighed. Why was he surprised? His class was always doing things like this. They were all wearing Yankees caps.

The principal mopped his forehead with his hand (he had already used his handkerchief to blow his nose). This was an odd class. The principal walked over to the crowd of kids squeezed together on the tiny rug.

“Hello, kids...there was a hacking, you guys know anything about it?”

“No? Well anything you want to share?”

The class looked at the ground. They grinded their teeth. They picked at the rug.

“Well, here’s the thing,” the principal said.

“By looking at the security footage we saw someone come into the computer room when they weren’t supposed to. So we're going to every classroom and asking about it.”

He didn’t mention that this class looked the guiltiest. Then a hand tentatively rose up.

“It was someone in our class, a note was passed around!”

That was Angelina. She doesn’t do well under pressure. Neither did the rest of the class, they all sighed in relief.

“Really? said the principal, stretching out his neck like a flamingo and eyeing the class.


The Diamond Bracelet

Part one

A staircase of lies

Phoebe slung her backpack over her shoulder, and headed up to her room. She was so happy her new school let students pick their rooms. Mrs. Alexia’s finishing school for girls had a nice principle about making your own choices, and that almost overlooked the weird name. Almost. As she headed up the stairs, a bracelet fell out of her bag. Pushing away all thoughts of homework, she had to wonder if she should leave it there or take it with her. It was really pretty, but it wasn’t hers.Finally, sighing, she left it under the staircase.

Meeting new friends

After a “break the ice” session, it was time for recess. Jordan went to play soccer, and asked if Denise wanted to play as well, but Denise told Jordan that she would rather draw. She sat down on the bench, and opened her sketchbook. She took out her pencil and drew. A girl popped up behind her. “HI!” She said “Those drawings are REALLY good.” A boy and a girl ran up behind her. Breathless the boy said to the girl “Dude, you just ran off….” “Soooory” said the girl. The second girl rolled her eyes and turned towards Denise. “Hi” she said “I’m Mai, that’s Tomas, and that’s Birdie.”

Denise smiled. “I’m Denise, nice to meet you” she said. “Thank you for the compliments.” “NO PROBLEM!!” Birdie said. “HEY MAI!! DENISE SHOULD DO ILLUSTRATIONS FOR FOR YOUR BOOK!!!” “Wha … What?” Mai spluttered “How do you know about that?????” “Weeeeeeelllll….” Birdie drawled “You haven’t exactly hidden it have you?” Mai stared at Birdie and without a moment's hesitation, ran after her. Denise stared, awestruck, as Mai, with her teeth clenched, chased after Birdie yelling something about the importance of privacy in a social structure, Tomas laughed behind his hand, and Birdie ran from Mai screaming “OKAY! OKAY! I’M SORRY!!! I WON’T TELL YOU NEXT TIME!!!”. Denise giggled. “I guess this won’t be as boring as I thought it would.

Part 4

By Freya


The alarms get louder and louder. It is really messing with my ears. I am trying to listen for footsteps but I can’t hear.

By now they probably have gathered the kids into the cafeteria. The teachers (Er, more like military officers) gather all the kids whenever the smallest thing happens.

Once, a kid got really embarrassed because they clogged the toilet, so he hid in the bathroom for 2 minutes (2. 2 minutes.) so they gathered a 100 person search party in this small, cramped, terrible school. I don’t understand how someone could accidentally escape. We are on an island. An island. Unless they build a big boat that is able to withstand a few storms and a mob of sharks, then, and only then, they might be able to leave.

But That is not going to happen.

Believe me, I tried.

Dreamland part 4

By lyra saucier

I suddenly felt a pain on my back just below my shoulders. “Aaaaah” the pain grew and it felt like my back was being ripped apart. All of the sudden, i could see gray feathers peeking out from my back and the pain stopped. “Isla what is the feathers?” I said panicked. “Those feathers are your angel wings” isla responded. Right then a full length mirror got pushed out of the shadows and you could see metal hands holding the mirror. I looked in the mirror and saw,

To be continued...

The Yankee’s Cap (part four)

Heidi, Umi, Aisha and Marco were sitting in a circle on a patch of grass. Umi yanked up a huge clump of grass and threw it.

“Any ideas?” Aisha asked. No answer.

“Anything?” she said desperately. Umi spoke,

“ Listen, Aisha none of us have any idea who hacked the computers, and I don’t really care who did. I hate those dumb computers I like to do things by hand. Plus, this detective club thing is also dumb. Were only kids.”

“Hmmm,” thought Heidi, who was quietly plucking at a blade of grass.

“Suspicious. Umi never liked the computers. Maybe he hacked them.” She thought about this a little bit more then went back to plucking at the grass.

Marco meanwhile had an idea. He was full of ideas. He was the idea guy!

“Hey guys, maybe it was one of you and the whole time we’ve been hiding it from each other!”


Because, for once, Marco was right. Well, half right.

Part two

The magpie

Alex slung her towel over her shoulder, her flip flops slapping against the wooden floor leading to the stairs. Flip-flop flip-flop flip-flop *scrape*. She bent down. Her flip flop had fallen off. As she put it on, she saw something. Something shiny. A bracelet! Well.. maybe should put it in her bag while she was in the pool, and return it later... it was just so nice to look at.

Birdie surprises.

Slowly, over the weeks, Denise became good friends with Birdie, and pretty good friends with Tomas. Tomas and Jordan liked to hang out and play soccer, while Denise and Birdie watched. However, Mai was a mystery to Denise. She hardly ever hung out with Denise and Birdie, and when she did, she was very withdrawn. Denise really wanted to be friends with Mai, but she would have to wait and see. She liked hanging out with Birdie though, so when Birdie handed her a pretty gold card, Denise took it, exited about what might be inside.

As she tore open the card, Birdie handed Tomas, Jordan, and Mai the same card. They all opened it, and saw that inside Birdie had written a lot of details. Where she lived, her phone number, that sort of stuff. “Uh….” Tomas asked “What is this?” Jordan looked at the card, and then at Birdie “Is this a birthday invite?” Heh… leave it to Jordan to figure it out. “YES!!!!!” Birdie said “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME!!!!” Everyone said yes, they would, and then the bell rang, and they had to go inside.

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