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This week, we interviewed the 3rd Graders about places in the world!

Caroline, Abby’s Class

We interviewed Caroline from Abby’s class and she said was explaining some of her personal favorite places. Caroline’s least favorite place is her basement. She loves Gillette Stadium, California, and Flara Soccer Field, but if she could travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Germany, (using a private jet) where her grandparents are from. She’d explore the place with her family - and Caroline would also visit other cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. that live there.

If Caroline had to go to an abandoned island and could only bring one thing, she would bring a grocery store so that she wouldn’t be starving.

Kieran, Abby’s Class

We interviewed Kieran from Abby’s class and he was very interested in our conversation. Kieran has never really liked school because of MCAS, but has always loved Fenway Park in Boston and the beach, but if he could go anywhere in the world it would be Florida (using a private jet)! He would bring his family and swim and go to Disney World!

If Kieran had to go to an abandoned island, he would bring a grocery store so that he wouldn’t starve!

Harper, Jasmine’s Class

Harper’s least favorite place is Trump Tower, but she loves South Africa and books. If she could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Japan (using a magenta unicorn) because of the trees, but the earthquakes seem scary. She would bring her family and eat lots of Sushi! She would also love to meet a panda and become best friends with it!

If Harper had to go to an abandoned island she would bring her dad because he knows basic survival skills.

Imad, Jasmine’s Class

Imad’s least favorite place is school, but he loves the Amazon Rainforest and India because his family is there. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Jupiter (using a teleporter) to research. He would bring his family and experiment there - he might even want to live in Jupiter! He would make friends with some aliens too!

If Imad had to go to an abandoned island he would either bring his lavatory or a video game.

We interviewed the 4th graders on their favorite movie characters to see what characters they think represent them the most!

Zachary, Melissa’s Class

Zachary said that his favorite movie is The Secret Life of Pets because it has lots of comedy and action, which is what he loves. His favorite character is Max because he gets swept up into a lot of trouble! If Zachary could meet Max, they would chat about the things Max does in his secret life. If Zachary were to cast someone to be ‘him’ in a movie, he choose his brother Michael because they are identical twins. He would be a superhero and help people, and his family would take on other parts. If he was cast in a movie, he would choose to be a superhero over a villain, and his superpower would be intangibility. With his superpower, he would be able to stop bad guys. But if he was a villain, he would rob banks in the middle of the night! Dog

Ashley, Melissa’s Class

We interviewed Ashley from Melissa’s class. We asked her things about movies, and being in movies! Ashleys favorite movie is the newest disney film… Moana! She likes it because it very adventurous and exciting. Her favorite character from the film is the main character, Moana. She likes this character because she is strong and independent and she admires that. Ashley thought that Moana represents her personality the most because they are both very strong, brave, and loving. If she were to meet Moana in real life, she would compliment her on her self-reliance and how powerful and awesome she is. If Ashley were to cast someone to be ‘her’ in a movie, she would cast her best friend Jessica because they both act and look alike. If she were cast in a movie, she would want to be a superhero over a villain, and her superpower would be reading people’s minds so that she could know their plan for attack. But if she had to be a villain, she would knock over a tower and kill people. In the movie of Ashley's life she would be the main character/superhero her friend Anamika would be the sidekick, Angie would be the love interest, and Lexi would be the villain in the movie.Girl

Kelsey, Colm’s Class

I interviewed Kelsey from Colm’s class. Though she didn’t have a specific favorite movie, she thought that the Despicable Me prequel: “Minions” was ok. When I asked her what her favorite character was, Kelsey said she didn’t have one, which is fine. But even though she doesn’t have a favorite character, she decided that she liked Bob. Bob the minion. If she ever met Bob, she would definitely ask for an autograph. A lot like Cailin’s answer, Kelsey’s least favorite movie is the “Sesame Street”. She didn’t state her least favorite character from Sesame Street, but she said her least favorite character of all time is the principal from “Matilda” because he mean. If she could do anything for revenge, she would put baby powder in her blow dryer.That’s all for now, folks!


Cailin, Colm’s Class

I interviewed Cailin, from Colm’s class. She had quite a bit to say!

Cailin said that her favorite movie was “Sing!” and her favorite character is the peachy Rosita (the pig). She said that if she met Rosita, in real life, she would ask for an autograph and say hello. Her least favorite movies are the Sesame Street movies. They may seem a little childish for a 4th grader! Cailin thinks that Big Bird is very weird because he is big and weird. Sing! And Sesame Street are very similar in ways- they both have big talking and singing animals, and they’re both meant for kids. It’s interesting how people have such different opinions on things so similar!


Connor, From Joanne’s Class

Connor's favorite movie is Pixels. He likes this movie because he just saw it and he thought it was really funny. His favorite character from the movie was Wonderboy because he was one of the main characters, he was funny and he liked video games. The character in the movie that most represents his personality is Brenner. The are super similar because they are both video game champs. If Connor met these characters he would tell them not to zap him with the space gun.

Pixels the Movie

If Connor was in a movie he would cast one of his good friends George in his class. He would play him in a movie because they have similar personalities and George knows his deepest darkest secret. He would be a villain and murder Lebron James. But if he was a superhero he would save Stephen Curry. In this movie of Connor's life he would be the basketball superstar, Matty would be the villain, and the unimportant person that gets killed is Donald Trump. His love interest is Serena Williams the tennis player.

Renee, Joanne’s Class

Renee’s favorite movie is Sing! because it is funny. Her favorite character from Sing! is Norman. Renee would say, “Hi! It is nice to meet you!” to Norman if she could meet him.

Singing Pig

If she were to cast a character to be “her” in a movie of her life, she would cast Shaina because they’re both hyper. Renee would be a superhero and save people, her sidekick would be Sephora, Emma would be the villain, Jimmy Fallon as the love-interest, and Donald Trump as a background person because, well, he’s unimportant.

2nd Grade Dream Pets

This week, we interviewed two students from all of the second grade classes. We talked about what their dream pets would be!

Jocelyn, Alyson’s Class

Jocelyn’s dream pet is a half-eagle, half-tiger, and half-dragon named Floppy Dog Weirdo! This is her dream pet because it’s a weirdo. Floppy Dog Weirdo would be able to throw things at people to protect itself, it could call other animals, and shoot lollipops at bad guys. If Jocelyn could give it a superpower, it would be the ability to fly with candy or to shoot weirdo candy. One pet that Jocelyn would definitely hate having is a non-weirdo animal that doesn’t fly.

Jack: Kristen’s class
We interviewed Jack Bregman from Kristen's class. He had a lot to say about his dream pet.

Jack’s dream pet, would be a snake. He said he mostly liked this pet because it would scare his brother. We asked him what he would train his dream pet to do, and he said he would train it to bite his brother. We asked Jack what he would name his snake and he said he would name it Sammy the snake. He also said that Sammy the snake would be able to

Lucas, Alyson’s class
Lucas’s dream pet was a half tiger half dragon named Nathaniel. This is his dream pet because it’s cool. If he could do anything with his dream pet then he would tell it to fly him all across the world. His animal would be able to fly because it’s a dragon. His dragon tiger is super cool because it’s able to make fudge for him. One animal he definitely wouldn’t want to have would be a speck of dust.
Emma: Kristen’s class
We interviewed Emma from Kristen's class. She said her Dream Pet would be a unicorn. She said that she would want a unicorn because she would be able to ride on it. We also asked her what she would do with her unicorn. She said she would like to take it on walks. Her Unicorn’s name would be “Uni the Unicorn”, and her unicorn. Emma also said that if her unicorn could have a superpower, it would be able to poop out rainbows. I think that is Emma would have a lot of fun with Uni the Unicorn and hopefully she will be able to have a unicorn someday.

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