Personality Quizzes

What’s yOUR Personality?

By: Nicole Raguin & Jillian Arthur


Circle your answer for each question. When you’re done, add up your answers. If you get mostly A’s, look at the answers at the bottom (NOT at first) and see what that tells about you.

What would you like do in your free time?

  1. Hang out with friends

  2. Playing sports

  3. Read

  4. Anything as long as I have fun

How do you react if a fun event you were looking forward to got canceled?

  1. My friends were going to be at that event so I will invite them over instead

  2. Try not to think about it and go do my favorite sport

  3. I will wait until the next one

  4. It’s ok, I will find another thing to look forward to

How do you approach new kids?

  1. “ Hey, What’s up? my name is ____

  2. “Hey, want to join in our game?”

  3. They approach you.

  4. “Hello, my name is ____. It’s a beautiful day. Do you want to hangout outside?”

If You were to go to the Olympics what sport would you enter with?

  1. I like all sports

  2. Football or gymnastics

  3. I would want to go on Dancing with the stars

  4. Other

Which animal best describes you?

  1. A friendly hound dog

  2. A playful Boxer

  3. A shy Cat

  4. A curious koala

If you were to study a topic for a school year, what would that topic be?

  1. Anything that interests others

  2. Any type of sport or the Olympics

  3. Yoga

  4. Mostly everything is fine

Mostly A’s : You are a nice friend and open to making new friends.

Dog and Deer

Mostly B’s: You are active and like watching or playing sports.


Mostly C’s: You don’t react to much and you love to read and draw. You are always calm in hard times.


Mostly D’s: You are upbeat and always happy and optimistic. Your friends look up to you.


What Candy are you?

1 . What do you do in your freetime?

A . Gossip

B . Study

C . Read

D . Play outside

2 . What kind of music do you like?

A . Pop

B . Classical

C . I don’t really care

D . Mary had a little lamb

3 . What is your style?

A . Very fashionable

B . Plaid and buttons

C . Plain t-shirt and jeans

D . Polka Dot dresses

4 . What word describes you best?

A . Sassy

B . Prepared

C . Traditional

D . Cute

5 . Where do you want to live?

A . A big city

B . A nice house in the suburbs

C . A small house in a big neighborhood

D . A house by lots of public places


Mostly As: You are Sour Patch!

Gummie Bears

Mostly Bs: You are Nerds!


Mostly Cs: You are Peppermint!

Peppermint Candy

Mostly Ds: You are Lollipops!


What Disney Character Are You?

1 . What word best describes you?

A . Silly

B . Curious

C . Positive

D . Shy

2 . What is your best trait?

A . I’m not afraid to look silly

B . I am curious and take chances

C . I always look on the bright side

D . I’m a good listener

3 . What do you like to do in free-time?

A . Goof off with friends

B . Explore new places and learn new things

C . I make the best of it and do whatever I’m in the mood for

D . Read alone in my room

4 . What’s your favorite animal out of the choice?

A . Dog

B . Fish

C . A Playful kitten

D . Panda

Mostly A’s: You’re Goofy!


Mostly B’s: You’re Ariel!

The Little Mermaid

Mostly C’s: You’re Joy!


Mostly D’s: You’re Bashful!


What Country Should you Visit?

1 . How far do you want to go?

A . Not across the world, but pretty far

B . Across the world

C . Maybe a few countries away

D . I want to stay here

2 . Do you want it to be hot or cold?

A . I don’t mind if it’s a little chilly

B . I want a lot of really hot days

C . I hate when it’s hot. I want it to be cold

D . I like the temperature how it is

3 . Do you mind learning another language?

A . I don’t want to learn a different language, but a different accent

B . I want to learn a new language

C . I only want to learn a little of another language

D . I want to stay with English

4 . How do you want to get there?

A . I want to take a plane or boat

B . I want a long plane flight

C . I want to drive or take a plane

D . I want to drive or have a short flight

5 . What animals do you want to be there?

A . Hedgehogs

B . Snakes

C . Moose

D . Same animals as here


Mostly As: Visit England!

Big Ben

You should visit a place with lots of amazing tourist attractions and big cities. Like England!

Mostly B’s: Visit India!

Taj Mahal

You should visit a place with warm weather and world famous places!

Mostly C’s: Visit Canada!

Mountains and Lake

You should visit a place lots of beautiful scenery.

Mostly D’s: Stay close to home!HomeTown

You are not much of a traveler but love your home town.

What Career is Right for You?

1 . What word describes you best?

A . Brave

B . Caring

C . Creative

D . Smart

2 . What would you love to do someday?

A . Save lots of people from a disaster

B . Help an animal with a high fever

C . Make a delicious dinner for my family and friends

D . Help a friend with something he/she doesn’t understand

3 . What do you like doing with friends?

A . Going on scary rides at amusement parks

B . Teaching our pets tricks

C . Going out to restaurants

D . Study at the library

4 . How would you like to help people?

A . By telling them what is right and what is wrong

B . By making sure they’re happy in the end

C . By cheering them up when they’re sad

D . By helping them through it step by step

5 . What do you do on weekends?

A . Go for a walk in the city looking for something to do

B . Play with my pets

C . Bake a fancy dessert

D . Study for a test


Mostly As: Be a firefighter!


You are very brave and love helping people.

Mostly Bs: Be a vet!

Vet and kitten

You love all animals and do whatever you can to help them out.

Mostly Cs: Be a chef!


You are very creative and love trying new things.

Mostly Ds: Be a teacher!


You are very smart and love giving your friends advice.

Keep track of your answers for each question so you can find out your answers at the end.

What Sport Should you Play?

1 . What do your friends say about you?

  1. That I stay focused under pressure

  2. That I work really well in a group

  3. That I work hard for my goals

  4. That I go for good opportunities

  5. That I dare and take risks

2 . If you could go anywhere in the U.S.A., where would you go?

  1. North Dakota

  2. Iowa

  3. Las Vegas

  4. Florida

  5. All around the world

3 . On a sunny day, where will you be?

  1. Enjoying nature

  2. Hanging out with friends

  3. Shooting hoops

  4. At the beach

  5. Tumbling in the grass

4 . In one word describe yourself?

  1. Patient

  2. Teamwork

  3. A Workhard

  4. Outdoorsy

  5. Tough

5 . What animal are you most like?

    1. A Cat

    2. A dog

  • Giraffe

  • Seal

  • Gazelle

6 . Everyone knows that I am great at….

  1. Patience

  2. Running

  3. Fakes

  4. Hitting a volleyball

  5. Balance

7 . You’ll usually find my friends and I….

  1. Going mini golfing

  2. Passing a soccer ball back and forth

  3. Shooting hoops

  4. At the beach playing catch

  5. Doing cartwheels and handstands

8 . My family says that I will be a great…..

  1. Golfer

  2. Soccer player

  3. Basketball player

  4. Volleyball player

  5. Gymnast

9 . What is your favorite type of book?

  1. Long and well written

  2. Books that have a lot of action

  3. Basketball books

  4. Beach adventure

  5. Graceful adventure

10. In a bad situation, your friends can always count on you to . . .

  1. Keep calm

  2. Be tough

  3. Push through

  4. Stay happy and go through the situation

  5. Be silly and cartwheel out of the problem

1 1 . If there was a shirt contest what would be on your shirt?

  1. Arnold palmer ( He’s a golfer)

  2. A bunch of grass around a soccer ball

  3. Steph Curry or Lebron James (basketball players)

  4. A setting of a beach

  5. A balance beam


Mostly A’s: Golf


You never overthink things and like being alone.

Mostly b’s: SoccerSoccer Player

You work well in a group and have a lot of friends.

Mostly c’s: Basketball

Basketball Player

You work hard for your goals

Mostly d’s: VolleyballVolleyball player

Mostly e’s: Gymnastics


What Pet are you Most Like?

Answer the questions and keep track of which letter you pick for each question! You'll find your results below. After you've taken the quiz, take this GoogleForm to tell us what you thought of your results: Google Form

1 . What is your idea of a perfect backyard?

A . A field to run in with lots of butterflies, mice and birds

B . Lots of small hiding places and on the small side

C . Lots of grass and a vegetable garden

D . Huge open field with nothing but grass

E . Very small but lots of trees

F . I don’t care as long as it has a swimming pool

G . Medium sized field with field mice

2 . What is your daily routine?

A . Sleep, eat, play, repeat

B . Wake up, run, breakfast, play

C . Wake up, play with friends for the whole day

D . Wake up, breakfast, run for the whole day

E . Wake up, call friends, eat, play with friends for the whole day

F . Wake up, eat, go back to sleep

G . Wake up, take a walk, eat, hang out with family for whole day

3 . The talent show is coming up. What do you do?

A . Magic trick or small skit with a friend

B . A comedy act

C . Sing a duet with a friend

D . Break the record for the most jump ropes or hula hoops

E . Do a comedy act with my friends

F . I don’t participate

G . A dance routine

4 . What food do you like best?

A . Meat

B . Salad

C . Vegetables

D . Apples

E . Cereal

F . Sushi

G . Eggs

5 . What’s your favorite subject in school?

A . Psychology (the study of the human mind and it’s functions)

B . Geography ( the study of the earth)

C . Biology (the study of life and living organism)

D . Gym

E . Speech

F . Art

G . Science

6 . What do you do when your best friend is moving?

A . I’m sad, but I’ll find other friends

B . I’m sad, but I have other friends

C . I’ll never be happy again

D . Push my negative energy aside and find more friends

E . Move closer to him/her

F . I don’t care

G . Use it as an opportunity to make more friends

7 . What is your idea of a dream summer?

A . Staying inside playing with videogames and toys

B . Exploring places near my house

C . Look around my neighborhood for friends

D . Joining sports teams and becoming athletic

E . Visiting around the world meeting friends

F . Staying at home

G . Wandering off far away from home by foot

8 . What word describes you best?

A . Focused

B . Different

C . Friendly

D . Sporty

E . Chatty

F . Lonely

G . Mysterious

9 . Your friends are over. What do you all do?

A . Sit on the couch and watch tv

B . Play outside

C . Play alone in my room

D . Take a walk around the neighborhood

E . Talk about many different topics non-stop

F . Sit on the couch in silence together

G . I don’t have friends


Mostly A’s: You’re a cat! You are very playful and love hanging out with friends.


Mostly B’s: You’re a rodent! You are curious, fun and a lot like your friends.


Mostly C’s: You’re a rabbit! You are friendly and everyone thinks of you as a good person.


Mostly D’s: You’re a horse! You are very active, athletic and positive.


Mostly E’s: You’re a parrot! You are very social and have lots of friends.


Mostly F’s: You’re a goldfish! You are a loner but you don’t mind being alone.


Mostly G’s: You’re a snake! You are very different in many ways and you don’t have a lot of friends.


What Place Are You?

1 . When it comes to my friends, we . . .

A . Are always outside

B . Are always together

C . Love playing games

D . Love going to fun places

2 . I can’t imagine a day without . . .

A . Going outside

B . Seeing my friends

C . Having fun

D . Learning or seeing something cool

3 . In my free time, I . . .

A . Go outside

B . Go shopping

C . Play with friends

D . Go to a public place with friends

4 . Your favorite kind of book is . . .

A . A novel because I can take it with me anywhere I want

B . A magazine because I love seeing the pictures

C . A picture book because The story is simple but entertaining

D . A nonfiction book because it has real facts

5 . Your favorite birthday present is . . .

A . A new bike

B . Cool new boots

C . A Pogo-stick

D . Lots of books

6 . When I grow up, I want to be a . . .

A . Park Ranger

B . Shop owner

C . Preschool teacher

D . High School teacher

7 . You’ll never find me . . .

A . Inside on a sunny day

B . Having fun without my friends

C . Bored

D . Acting silly

8 . In my hometown, I wish we had more . . .

A . Public Parks

B . Places to shop

C . Playgrounds

D . History and sights to see

9 . My ideal closet would be filled with . . .

A . Summer clothes (t-shirts, shorts etc . . . )

B . Trendy clothes

C . T-shirt and jeans

D . Other

1 0 . I’d love to live in a place with . . .

A . Lots of nature and pretty sights

B . Huge citties and shops

C . More places to play

D . Historical Sights to see.


Mostly A’s: You’re a Park!Park

You love being outdoors and love spending time with family.

Mostly B’s: You’re a City!

You are very peppy and love hanging out with friends. City

Mostly C’s: You’re a Playground!Playground

You are very playful and have lots of friends.

Mostly D’s: You’re a Museum!Museum

You love going to museums and other public places with family and friends.

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