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James Comey’s Testimony

Just today, former FBI director James Comey testified in front of congress. The testimony started at 10:00 A.M. just weeks ago, Comey had been fired by president Donald Trump quite randomly, thus drawing media attention, and depriving Comey of his position as FBI director. A little while after the 2016 presidential election rumors came out that Russia had been meddling in the elections, basically implying that they had been rigged. Just also after the elections, A trump administration investigation was launched with Comey at head . And after a while at the head of the investigation, he was fired by Trump. This action by trump, caused a lot of controversy about the fact that trump could perhaps be hiding something that he doesn't want the rest of america to know. And now, finally getting a sort of revenge, Comey testified in front of Congress. He his brief opening statements were “lies, plain and simple.” he had been referring to when trump had said, the FBI had was in disarray, and had lost faith in Comey. The testimony is still underway at this moment. 6/8/2017 4:23 P.M. By Eric Hu

Cape Town Drought

Due to severe climate change and overpopulation, the community in Cape Town is suffering with drought and water shortage. Drought is bad news to Cape Town because of extreme heat. You can help by conserving water and help make a change in climate change.

By Andrew Li

Chinese Man Gets Kicked Off

United Airlines Flight

By Reporter Andrew Li

In order to fit four crew members on an United flight, the United employees dragged off David Dao. David Dao was a doctor who was on a flight from Chicago to Louisville. Three passengers voluntarily gave up their seats, but David Dao didn´t. Because of that, United sent an officer to drag David Dao. David Dao fought back but eventually got a concussion and got dragged off the flight. A few people on board took videos of it. The videos show that David Dao was dazed, had a broken and bloody nose, shirt was halfway off and that his glasses were sliding off.

Later the incident went to court and the United CEO apologized and gave David Dao more than a million dollars. The incident led to outrage against United Airlines. Many feared to go on United Airlines. Many thought that United Airlines chose David Dao on purpose because he was Chinese.

Information From, CNN,, New York Times, and David Wu

AMD Ryzen, the Big Tech Battle of 2017?

A while back AMD and Intel were having a huge competition over the share of the market and both AMD and Intel were pushing out revolutionary new products that just kept getting faster and faster. For a long time it looked like AMD was going to win, but then Intell made a huge push and AMD sank to the bottom of the barrel. They have just bean sitting there for a long time and with no competition. Intel has been only pushing out tiny improvements at a time and milking these for infinity, but now AMD is pushing back with their new AMD Ryzen line of products and while they were developing their products, they were advertising faster speeds, equal amount of cores, and half the prices. And the best part? They kept to their claims and actually delivered their product with the advertised specs! And the public can by them! The only questions are: can AMD keep up and how will Intel react. As a final note, AMD will also soon be releasing their Ryzen 5 and 3 series processors. So keep updated as there will surely be an article on that soon.

by Henry

North Korea Performs a Failed Missile Launch.

On Wednesday, March 22nd, the U.S claimed that North Korea attempted to launch a missile, but failed right upon launch. The missile was launched near Kalma.

Both America and South Korea says this happened.

No one exactly knows what type of missile North Korea used, but the launch happened after North Korea claimed they had tested a new rocket engine. North Korea described this as a ¨great leap forward¨ for their missile program.

As always, in every retaliation of a North Korean activities, the U.S and South Korea both performed a large military training program known as the ¨Foal Eagle¨ exercise. The Foal Eagle training will last from March 1st to April 30.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are currently trying to negotiate between North Korea and South Korea/ U.S by asking for South Korea and U.S to halt the exercise and stopping the North Korean nuclear program. But with tensions so high, the chances of negotiation is slim.

This isn't the first time North Korea launched missiles this month. On March 6, North Korea launched 4 intermediate-range ballistic missiles at Japan, sparking panic. Luckily, the missiles landed right off the Japanese coast. North Korea seems to be speeding up their missiles program by testing more and more missiles. President Donald Trump describes North Korea as ¨greatest intermediate threat to the United States.¨

David Wu, Acton MA. March 23, 2017.

Unclassified Atomic Bomb tests

The U.S government has recently released some footage of Atomic Bomb tests to the public. From 1945 to 1962, the U.S performed 210 bomb nuclear bomb tests in the atmosphere, to counter the growing Soviet threat. These footages will show the pure terror and destruction of these weapons.

David Wu, Acton MA

Atomic Explosion

A photo of the Baker Bomb, detonated in 1946 at Bikini Atoll.

The Crisis In The South China Sea

Before president Donald J Trump became president, China, the US and many other countries in the south pacific have had lots of tensions for who controls what part of the South China Sea. Now the new president Donald J Trump won't back down. Trump says that the Chinese shouldn't be able to access the South China Sea. Starting in 2014, the Chinese military has been constructing seven artificial islands on top of reefs. The Chinese say that they did not put any military units on the islands, but a camera showed that the Chinese installed four anti-aircraft guns. Another part that contributed to the crisis in the South China Sea is that ever since Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte became president, the Philippians had major changes including betraying the US and allying with the People's Republic of China. This will hopefully not lead to conflict in the South China Sea.

By Andrew Li

Some of this information was found on TIME

The Women's March

On January 21st, across the US lots of women plus some men were protesting against the new president: Donald J Trump. Right after Trump became president, Teresa Shook made a Facebook account and shared it with her friends. The Facebook account was made to plan the march to counter Trump. Quickly thousands of women signed up for the march. They eventually made it global and eventually 680,000 people signed up on Facebook. Almost double that amount came to the march were people that wanted to fight for causes that were discriminated. There were some people that held speeches there. Pink hats were very popular during the march. Hundreds of companies supported and partnered with the Women's march. The protesters say that it wasn´t a march against Trump, but a march to protect their rights. Foreign countries had marches against Trump too. ¨ It was a very historical march,¨ said Graham White, a participant in the march in Boston Massachusetts and a friend of the reporter. This event has lead to many more protests against president Donald J. Trump of the United States of America.

By Andrew


This is David Wu, in Acton Massachusetts.

ON JANUARY 30th, new president Donald J Trump banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries: Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, and Iran. Trump has also banned refugees from entering the country. This ban has caused outrage across the country and in airports around the nation. “BAN TRUMP, NOT MUSLIMS!” reads one protest sign. Trump has forbidden travelers from these countries for 120 days. What happens next is still unclear.

Intel Optane

With so much excitement around AMD (a company that makes Central Processing Units and graphic cards) at the moment I think it would be appropriate to look at AMD’s main competitor, Intel to see what they are doing to try to get customers back. Intel Optane would appear as a normal m.2 drive to most people but it is really much more than that. The drive is a new invention from Intel which is effectively non-volatile DRAM and although I do not know exactly how it works if you look at the specks which you can find on Intel's website here, it would appear that it is non-volatile 1. Now for the purpose it serves it is basically a smart cache. The reason I called it smart is because as well as buffering requests, it also guesses what files you will need to access next that way they will already be in very high speed storage. It has a predictive software. This makes everyday tasks and even games feel faster. But now the ultimate question: is it worth the price? It would appear that it is because of all the great things that I have said about it, but speed is not really that much faster. It is only slightly improved and the truth is that if you want a real improvement you are going to have to go all solid state anyway so it comes down to your opinions as to whether to buy it or not. If you are just trying to make an existing system faster, it might be worth a shot, but if you are building an entirely new system you are probably better off buying a faster drive. Plus if you don't have a 7th gen Intel Core Processor you’re out of the running anyway.

My sources:


-and intel

By Henry

1non-volatile - when you cut off the power to the drive, the memory stays the same

Calyos Cooling, the New Computer Technology?

Calyos is a company focused on building high performance cooling that requires no additional energy. A problem that has been around for awhile is that you might be able to use copper heat pipes to cool your computer, but it only takes a small increase in heat output for a heat sink to get a whole lot bigger. So they often get bulky quickly, and therefore, not a great option to people who want high performance. Calyos is trying to fix this with their heat pipe loop technology which is basically equivalent water cooling with refrigerant and having no pump and fans for 0 energy usage. It should be much smaller than heat pipes so it has several large advantages over other forms of cooling and even trumps water cooling with its 0 energy requirement. Although they have yet to release exactly how this technology works I do know that it uses refrigerant which evaporates in the block, causing it to seep through the sponge where it cannot go back causing it to pressurize forcing it through the tube and then using some sort of heat exchanger where it is condensed back into a liquid and it flows back into the block to repeat the cycle. However people cool their computers in the future, this certainly sounds like a promising way to do it.

To go to calyos’ web site click here:

By Henry

New Technology This Year

Most people probably agree that batteries are the one technology that hasn't improved over the years but many companies are already working to change this. However nobody has actually created a replacement for traditional lithium ion batteries. There are some companies that are working on it such as Storedot which is working on creating an instantly charging battery that is environmentally friendly and they estimate it will be done by 2017! And alongside all their claims they also claim that it will be a 150 wattes! Although they don't have a guess as to the capacity yet, it will be at least enough to charge an iphone. It is not like other companies are not competing with them. There are also plastics being developed that could replace the fluid currently used in batteries and aluminum air batteries and even hydrogen fuel cells are all competing for their share of the market. Whatever the future holds, the battery technology will improve because with all the rising demands for power it will have to.

By Henry

The Electronics Ban To The Middle East And Africa

By Reporter Andrew Li

If you're going to the Middle East or Africa and you want to play Roblox on the plane, forget about it. The British prime minister Theresa May talked with the US government. After a few weeks of talking the decision was made. The US and UK would ban electronics on 14 different airlines from certain countries in the Middle East and Africa. The ban applies to devices that are larger than an iPhone 7 Plus. The countries that are affected are Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia. Only a few Middle Eastern airports are not affected. Checked in passengers can still bring electronics though. From now on at least until the ban is lifted, you will not be able to bring electronics bigger than an iPhone 7.

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