ShoeBox Projector

Shoebox Projector

What you will need:

Shoe box



Magnifying Glass

Xacto knife or scissors

Black Duct Tape


Trace the magnifying glass and cut it out with your Xacto knife.

Attach the magnifying glass.

Bend a paperclip into a stand.

Flip your smartphone screen.

Move your smartphone back and forth until you it focuses.

And your done!

Bored Jar and Activity Ideas

  1. First get a Mason jar or any jar that’s medium sized

  2. Then cut up multi colored strips of paper or you can probably buy scraps of paper to

  3. Then write different activities that you can do on the pieces of paper they can be SUPER random if you want you can definitely get creative on this step

  4. Then put all the pieces of paper in the jar

  5. Last step is decorating! You can label the jar put ribbon or tags on it have fun personalize it : )

DIY Sharpie Painting DIY Sharpie Painting

You may also want to purchase felt and glue for the bottom of the coasters and a shiny varnish to seal it.

Find white ceramic tile at any hardware store (they should be under a dollar each). Make sure to clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water.Sharpie Painting

Color with Sharpies! Pick a combination of dark and vibrant colors to create contrast. There are no wrong choices!Alcohol Bottles

Use a stirring spoon or eyedropper to methodically drop small “pools” of alcohol onto the tile. If you drop too much, the colors will all blur together and you won’t get any circles or patterns. Let dry! It can take up to half an hour, so just be patient!

If you think you added too much alcohol, you can go back and add more to create new “pools” on top. It will bloom again!

Seal it using a spray fixative first. Hold the tile at least 6 inches away and spray lightly over it. If you spray too closely or too much, the ink will reactivate and blur again. Do it in layers. After that, you can use a varnish or polyurethane to seal it with a glossy coat! Shine, baby, shine!Sharpie Painting

As a finishing touch, glue felt to the bottom of the tile to prevent the edges from scratching your table.

IF you’re really feelin’ crazy, you can add MORE Sharpie on top of the sealed layer!


Spring Flower Letters

by Caitlin O.
Spring Flower Letter


  • Silk Flowers, medium-sized and small, in coordinating colors

  • Paper mache letter


  • Scissors

  • Glue Gun + Glue


1. Cut the silk flowers off the stems as close to the flower as possible. The closer you cut, the flatter the flower will lay down on the letter.

2. Arrange the silk flowers. This is all based on preference, but I prefer the shape of the letter to show a little. I really like the shape of the paper mache letter and wanted that to still show through when the letter was completed, so I was very careful to not add too many flowers over the edge.

Start by arranging the large flowers. Spread out similar looking flowers if possible so that there is more texture to the letter. Once you’re happy with the placement of the large flowers. Start adding the small flowers. Use these flowers to add more variety to the arrangement and to fill in most of the gaps on the surface.

3. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, start gluing the flowers in place. I recommend taking a photo of the arrangement before starting, so that if any flowers are knocked out of place, you can match them up to the photo. Get your parents permission before doing this at home.

The Website to this DIY is here http://www.thesassylife.com/diy-flower-letter/

D.I.Y Marble Coasters

Things you will need: Marble Coasters

  • Oven Bake Clay

  • Exacto Knife

  • Rolling Pin

  • Baking Tray

  • Parchment Paper

  • A glass


  • Break off pieces of clay from the colors you would like to use.

  • Roll the pieces of clay into thin logs.

  • Twist all the colors together.

  • Roll that out until you have a log twice as long as the small logs you rolled out before.

  • Fold this in half and twist it. Roll this into a small log again.

  • Repeat this process 2-3 times. It creates lots of pretty layers in the clay.

  • Now form a ball with the clay.

  • Use your rolling pin to roll the clay out to ¼ an inch.

  • Now use the glass to select a part of the clay you like and cut it out with the exacto knife.

  • Transfer the clay to a parchment paper and bake according to the package instructions for the clay you used..

  • Enjoy your coasters!

The website I found this at also had other instructions although these seemed hard to find, and were optional anyway.

How to: Marble Coasters – SISOO

Djeana’s D.I.Y. Bathbomb

Bath Bomb


* 8 oz baking soda * 4 oz of epsom salts

* 4 oz citric acid * ¾ tsp water

* 4 oz corn starch * 2 tsp essential oil


1) Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix together evenly with a whisk.

2) In a separate bowl combine all the wet ingredients.

3) Then slowly add the wet mixture to the dry mixture a spoonful at a time.

4)When well mixed simply pat the mixture into a small sphere ball.


If you tried this out let me know by taking this survey! I hope it worked: https://docs.google.com/a/abschools.org/forms/d/1U6E2X_yzJ-r2YVDVtuEk3_NhTvJ09RemJAUvggomD4E/edit

Bhawna’s Lava Lamp at Home
 Lava Lamps


1. 2 cups of oil

2. 1 cup of water

3.Alka-Seltzer tablet

4. A jar

5. Food coloring



. To start get your jar

. Pour oil in the jar

. Pour the food coloring in your water

. Then pour the colored water in the jar

. put in the alka-seltzer(one by one) in but DO NoT PUT THE WHOLE THING IN ,Break it in pieces first.

. If you want it to glow put the flashlight through the hole on top of the jar ENJOY your lava lamp .



What you need:

Animal toy

Mason Jar

Spray paint (color of your choice)

Hot Glue


First glue the top of the mason jar to the lid.

Then glue the animal toy to the top of the lid.

Spray Paint the animal and lid..

And your done!


D.I.Y Phone Speaker

Materials you will need

  • You will need a electronic that plays music

  • Duct tape

  • A toilet paper roll

  • 4 push pins and Scissors DIY Phone Speaker


  • Take a toilet paper roll and cut a slit in the top of it that will fit your music playing device

  • You may decorate your toilet paper roll with duct tape or anything you think would look cool you can really make it your own!

  • Then stick push pins in each corner of the toilet paper roll so your toilet paper roll can stand up by itself

  • Then put your music playing device in your brand new speaker and enjoy!
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