Merriam Showcase

The following are highlights of student technology projects at Merriam School.

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Space MicheleSpace Project-Michele's 4th grade class studied space and created PowerPoint projects that they converted into movies. Enjoy theirMovies.
I Went WalkingDigital Stories-Myrna's Kindergarten class recorded their own version of "I Went Walking". Enjoy their Story.
Birds of PreyDioramas-Myrna's Kindergarten class learned about dinosaurs and created dioramas and then shared an interesting fact. This project was made with StoryKit on an iPad and then published to the web. Enjoy their Dinosaur Facts.
Birds of PreyChick Hatching-Grade 2 students incubated chicken eggs and created a movie using their Ladibug document camera.

Chick Hatch Movie
Birds of PreyBirds of Prey-Grade 3 students researched birds of prey and worked in groups to create a report on a specific bird. Then they recorded their findings, drew their birds (which were scanned) and their teacher created a movie in iMovie to display their work.

Rachel's Class -- Melissa's Class -- Colm's Class
Splash ePub
Splash eBook -Grade 6 students created a book on their class turtle. The book was created in PowerPoint and saved as a PDF and was also formatted in Pages and exported as an eBook. Look here for help getting the files.
Flat Mes Travel Around the World - Students sent Flat Me characters of themselves around the world and created a VoiceThread to introduce themselves. View a blog of the student's travels at

Tadpoles to Frogs- As a second grade class watched the life cycle of tadpoles we used a document camera to record pictures and video and then created a short time- lapsed movie.
School Tour- Second graders took pictures of the school and wrote descriptions  and made recordings of each area, they used powerpoint to create introductions to each area and then a movie was made with the help of the technology specialist.
a typical day in the life of a second grader
A Day in the Life- Second graders took pictures of their school day and wrote descriptions of each subject area and made recordings, they used powerpoint to create introductions to each area and then a movie was made with the help of the technology specialist.
a day in the life of a second grader
People in Our School- Second graders took pictures of some of the important people in school and interviewed them, they recorded their questions and answers, they used powerpoint to create introductions for each person and then a movie was made with the help of the technology specialist.
winter poems
Winter Poems- Students in third grade classes created poems and recorded them, illustrated pictures and scanned them and with the help of the technology specialist created VoiceThreads of their poems. Click on the links to see all three:
Colm's Class        Melissa's Class       Rachel's Class
Fables- Students in a fifth grade class wrote and recorded fables, illustrated and scanned pictures, and created a podcast that they sent to iWeb pages, they also created, to describe their fable.
Greek city states
Greek City States- Students in a sixth grade class studies Ancient Greece and created thier own Greek cities. They illustrated and scanned pictures, used MS Word to write  descriptions and made the files into PDF formats. Then hey used Glogster to create online posters describing their city states.
short stories
Short Stories- Students in sixth grade class created short stories. They used GarageBand to record an introduction and then used iWeb to make a webpage. They used MS Word to type the stories and then made them into PDF format. All he stories were put on a single iWeb page.
Student Newsletter- Students in a fifth and sixth grade class moved the paper student newsletter onto a web based publication